Our Services include: 

  • Door to door moves which include full packing, transport and unpacking of your household goods
  • Special different sizes carton boxes as well as other packing material to secure safe travel and arrival
  • Packing of delicate and heavy items
  • Loading and unloading of already packed items
  • Warehousing 
  • Dismantling and assembly of different types of furniture as well as a professional handyman services
  • All types of transport: road, rail, sea, air
  • Delivery at requested location
  • Assistance in collecting all required documentation necessary for relocation
  • Handling of heavy items as well as special items such as safes and pianos
  • Removal of cars including administrative assistance during the process
  • Removal of motorcycles and other vehicles
  • Customs clearance and assistance in collecting all required documents necessary for clearance

Local moves

Whether you are moving within the same city or going to another location in Croatia, Globus International can help you accommodate all your needs. We offer door to door service, transport or other services you might need during your move. Our regular transport services within Croatia enable us to provide you with the best offers cost wise. Our services: 

  • Relocation of whole apartment
  • Transport of furniture and other equipment
  • Dismantling and assembly of different types of furniture
  • Delivery of packing material
  • Transport of unwanted furniture to recycle facilities
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Putting up the paintings
  • Long term and short term storage
  • Handling of heavy items


Moving offices can be stressful and usually must be done as quickly as possible in order to continue with business. This is why we advise to leave it to our professional team to take care of removal of your office furniture and other material. Office removal often consists of disassembly of furniture, packing of archive and office materials, protection of electronic equipment, loading, transportation to delivery address, re-assembly of furniture and delivery

Being organized is crucial in order to be able to make sure the office removal is done in a given timeframe. In order to be as effective as possible, we suggest for our team to deliver some packing material prior to scheduled packing date so employees can pack some of the items themselves. In this case, we strongly recommend to label every piece of furniture and boxes.

Transportation and handling of heavy items such as pianos, conference tables and safes require special attention, therefore we should be aware of them prior to the packing date so our team can prepare the necessary equipment. 

Professional packing

Professional packing is of the essence in order to achieve smooth removal of your personal belonging. Globus International offers 10 types of boxes of different shapes and several special packing materials such as 30 m carton protector, bubble wrap, floor protection,etc.

All our boxes have 3-7 layers of carton which insures an extra protection of your household goods. 

No matter if you are moving to a different street in the same city or to the other part of the globe, professional packing is the essential part of every move. Our team consisting of highly trained professionals are fully at your service.

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